Personal Finance Calculator

Annuity Payment Calculator

Introduction Annuity Payment is a neat way to earn profits and interest payouts by having an initial investment. This calculator will help you calculate the exact profits that you’ll make with your principal investment. The calculator does this by taking into account various factors. These include the Annual Interest Rate, Years of Pay Out, Payment …

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Pay Raise Calculator

Below, you can learn more about how pay raises work and how you can negotiate your pay raise or salary properly! How Does The Pay Raise Calculator Work? The pay raise calculator will help you determine your pay raise based on a percentage-increase or flat-rate increase in pay. Within the calculator, you can select your …

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Salary Calculator

How Does The Salary Calculator Work? A Salary Calculator is a tool that can help you determine your hourly, monthly, annual, semi-monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly pay with your current salary. You can use this information to negotiate a pay raise with your employer or decide if another job offer is worth it. Below, we’re going …

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